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.NET Web Development

We provide high quality solutions for WEB based on .NET technologies: SaaS products on ASP.NET Platform, AJAX websites, ASP and ASP.NET Web Applications, .NET 2.0 Development.

Custom Client .NET Development

We provide custom client side solutions using .NET technologies: Integrations with Microsoft Office using VBA and .NET SDKs, CRM & ERP systems or proprietary software, VB and C++ development.

Server Side .NET Development

Native integration with Oracle, MS-SQL, MS Access, PostgreSQL and MySQL. Workflow Engine integration. Sharepoint Integration. MS-IIS-based development. ODBC database integration


Managed Services – Pros and Cons for Businesses

Dysfunctional IT infrastructure and obsolete technology create shaky foundations that lower employee productivity and affect business expansion and profitability. Your in-house IT module could be incapable of undertaking a major IT overhaul when you attempt to upscale...

.NET vs. Java: Myths & Comparison

When it comes to developing server and desktop applications, Java and Microsoft. NET become a part of a heated discussion between coders, business owners, and development teams. Which one is better? Both of them allow the use of top-level coding languages for building...

Low Code Development Platforms

In order to be competitive in today’s rapidly changing market conditions, many companies are exploring new methods to speed up their software development processes. The most common ones are DevOps and Agile development, which are designed to allow developers to...

Spire.Presentation for .NET: Overview

In 2014, E-iceblu released a free program that allows the user to work with PowerPoint documents from any .NET, C#, VB.NET, AND ASP.NET platform. Spire.Presentation for .NET is one of the most useful programs that offer assistance with presentations without installing...

Solution Architecture vs. Software Architecture

Solution architecture refers to all the tasks related to software development in a software consulting & development company that deal with the customer and business side of things and often covers how the company’s products will solve a particular business...

Connect With Us

We are ready to help you with rather complicated projects which require .NET development or customization. We have vast experience in .NET integration with various enterprise softwares. We can build secure and powerful SaaS (Software as a Service) products using .NET platform environment. Contact our .NET specialists in Calgary for a free consultation.

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