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The blockchain technology came into the limelight after the massive surge of cryptocurrencies in 2017. With help from IBC Group, most developers started to explore ways through which they can develop applications on the blockchain network. Decentralized applications (DApps), allows .NET developers to code and build more secure and open source applications that run on the blockchain network.

What are decentralized applications

A decentralized app (DApp) is a program built on peer to peer network. It exists on the internet where applications are decentralized on the network. Different blocks made up of computers or machines known as nodes, exist within the network and new blocks are added as more data is recorded. The nodes act as servers whose work is computing and verifying transactions within that network. Each node is independent of the other which makes it difficult to breach data stored in the nodes or the block or the entire network. .NET developers can develop DApps on the blockchain network to benefit from integrity, security, and transparency.

Development of a decentralized application

As a .NET developer, you will need to understand how the blockchain technology works before you proceed to develop applications on the network. To get started, you will need to know that the application is open source which means that the code is publicly available to everyone on the network. Also, the nodes within the blockchain provide the needed code for your application. All applications on the decentralized network are stored in decentralized servers known as nodes where each node is managed or controlled by the users of the nodes.

Once data is recorded in the distributed ledger, it cannot be altered in any way or accessed by anyone else apart from the owner of that data. the nodes within a block or the network communicate on a regular basis. You will need to use a Microsoft product like Visual Studio, and Microsoft Azure, by installing it on your PC. From there, you can start the process of coding a smart contract.

Smart contracts

A smart contract is a program built on the blockchain or decentralized network on which a developer writes the logic of the application in order to communicate with the blockchain. When developing DApps, you will need to code a smart contract which will help to deploy the application on the blockchain network. It is thus true to say that smart contracts are part of the DApps. Smart contracts act as an API for web application development by providing the backend rules and logic of an application before being deployed on the blockchain.


DApps are deployed on the blockchain network which is also decentralized. It is what makes such applications secure as the applications are not stored in a centrally controlled server. The network is managed by the users instead of a firm. This makes the smart contract immutable once it is tested and deployed on the blockchain network.

Developers can address the limitations of a centrally managed server using the DApps network. It offers improved security, privacy, zero downtime, and transparency for applications.